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Our God did it Again!… Join Us For Powerful Miracles!

The Pool Of Bethseda



Child of God, I Saw in my Spirit that as you wash your hands, every spiritual leprosy will be cleansed from you. Do you want to start experiencing Good Luck and Abundance of Financial Favour? FIRST, your hands must be spiritually cleansed to receive Abundant Grace for Miracle Money and Financial Breakthrough!

Just as God settled the case of the man at the pool of Bethesda in an instant, He WILL settle your case too as you join us to wash your hands at the Miracle Pool! It doesn’t matter how long you have been dealing with that issue, your time has come to receive your breakthrough!

A lady came all the way from Brussels to join us for our Powerful Friday Deliverance Service. She had been suffering with severe pain in her feet for 3 years and was believing God for a miracle. As she went through the miracle pool, something miraculous happened!

WITHIN 20 MINUTES, her feet were completely healed. WOW!! our God did it again… Years of suffering and this lady received her breakthrough in a moment. Our God is truly our great deliverer.

Another miracle happened when a member went through the miracle pool. She had been troubled with ear pain for over a year. But, as she stepped into the miracle pool, it was with great joy for her to report that the pain INSTANTLY left her in the Powerful name of Jesus.

Child of God, do not miss this powerful opportunity to go through the miracle pool to receive your breakthrough too!

As you join us, come expecting a great move of God in your life. Come with your prayer request and as you go through the Miracle Pool, connect with your faith and know that God is about to deliver you, God is about to heal you, Our Mighty God is about to restore you. And as you wash your hands, God will wash away every evil ordinances against you and purify you from all works of the enemy. Wash your hands of poverty, wash your hands of shame and disgrace, wash your hands of ALL BAD LUCK and believe that as you wash your hands, God will set you free COMPLETELY from every bad luck in your life in the Powerful name of Jesus Christ!


Here is a breakdown of our Super Sunday Family Word Service:

09:00AM – P.U.S.H Prayer –  Join us as we Pray Until Something Happens. You can bring your documents as a point of contact

10:30AM – Prophetic Hour – This is your opportunity to see the Man of God for a quick Prophetic word over your life.

11:30AM – Family Word Service – A time for Praise, Worship and a powerful word from the Man of God.

3:30PM – Miracle Prophetic Service – Receive prophetic instructions from Heaven from God’s General, Bishop Climate Wiseman.

PLEASE REMEMBER, in the time of your greatest breakthrough the enemy will try to deceive you in order to stop your breakthrough from coming to pass. Do not let doubt set in, press in Child of God and you will truly see the power of God move in your life!

See you soon, 

MEGA TKC Miracles House,

93 Camberwell Station 

Road Se5 9JJ 

Tel: +44 207 738 3668/3476


Always Praying For You

Prophet Climate 

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