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Is Spiritual Leprosy something you are battling with unawares?… Find out Now!

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Is Spiritual Leprosy something you are battling with unawares?

Child of God, This morning as I was praying for you, I felt in my spirit to continue on the topic of leprosy. God brought to my attention that his body is still suffering with ailments and conditions that are causing them to have a lack of fulfilment in life. 

Child of God, did you know that leprosy is sometimes inherited from the sins and rebellion of your bloodline? As we prepare ourselves for the day ahead, search your hearts and seek God’s face on this matter. Ask the Holy Spirit if there is anything in your life or bloodline that could be causing any form of resistance or health issues in your life. 


What does modern day Spiritual Leprosy look like?

For some, it may be in the form of unexplained health issues, you don’t know why you cannot lose the weight or maybe you or your relative could be experiencing alopecia and has no choice but to wear a wig. Could you be having issues with getting a good job? So many interviews and either no response or an unsuccessful response back from the company. 

Some experience leprosy in the form of rejection with family friends or trying to find a spouse, you get into arguments all the time and it seems as if you are the one being picked on or your suitor finds a problem with you and leaves. Or for some reason or the other, all the doors keep shutting in your face. Could you be in a mountain of financial issues? This could very well be spiritual leprosy.

We need to get on our knees this Sunday and cry out to God and repent from all known and unknown sin either you or your ancestors may have committed against God and receive your Divine Instructions from our Master Prophet Climate Wiseman and watch as the scales of spiritual leprosy fall away instantly. For some of us this may take abit of time but keep persistent Child of God, your breakthrough is just around the corner.

Child of God, put your faith into full action and as you get your instructions for the miracle pool, God is getting ready to trouble the waters to bring that GREAT BREAKTHROUGH to every stubborn and hidden problem in your life.




Here is a breakdown of tomorrow’s Super Sunday Family Word Service:

09:00AM – P.U.S.H Prayer –  Join us as we Pray Until Something Happens. You can bring your documents as a point of contact 

10:30AM – Prophetic Hour – This is your opportunity to see the Man of God for a quick Prophetic word over your life.

11:30AM – Family Word Service – A time for Praise, Worship and a powerful word from the Man of God.

3:30PM – Miracle Pool & Prophetic Service – Receive prophetic instructions from Heaven from God’s General, Bishop Climate Wiseman.

PLEASE REMEMBER, in the time of your greatest breakthrough the enemy will try to deceive you in order to stop your breakthrough from coming to pass. Do not let doubt set in, press in and you will truly see the power of God move in your life!

See you soon, 

MEGA TKC Miracles House,

93 Camberwell Station 

Road Se5 9JJ 

Tel: +44 207 738 3668/3476


Always Praying For You 

Prophet Climate 


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