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This Is What Happened In Petra … You Will Not Believe It!

Dear Child of God,

Today was a great day, today was an amazing day. I want you to know one thing, that since the moment I stepped foot in Jordan, God has been doing wonders. As I have been going from place to place, taking the journey that the children of Israel took, there is a reason why God had to take us here before we can get to the Promise Land.  

But today something happened. You see as your prophet, there are things that God will show me, there are places He will take me in order for you to get your breakthrough. 

Today I visited the city of Petra. While I was there, the Spirit of God led me in a very strange place. Guess what I found out? I found out the place where the wisemen actually bought their gifts for Jesus. Petra was a very interesting city. Actually, I rode the donkey in the same road they did. I found out, that actually it was the will of God for me to be here today; just for you. 

It was the city of Petra where the wisemen were able to purchase everything they needed in order to finance the birth of the Messiah. Today I declare into your life, that whosoever is supposed to help you, they will not lose their way. Whosoever is capable of helping you, they will not miss their destiny. The Bible tells us that the wisemen followed the star all way from Petra. Today, I declare as you read this email, today I declare as you hear my voice, whosoever has been called to assist your star to shine, I command them to show up. 

The historians tell us that two of the wisemen came from the city of Petra. Child of God, as I stood here today, I have seen, that whatsoever you need to succeed, whosoever you ned to succeed, it is about to come to pass.

Today, I prophesy to the North, to the South, to the East and West, I declare your destiny, your future, your business, your career, your relationship, it shall succeed. 

I feel so strong in my spirit that this journey is just getting better and better. Great things happened, suddenly finances began to flow. I had people giving me gifts, giving me money, every moment I spoke, they would be putting money in my hands. So many things happened today; I asked myself a question, why is this? 

And the spirit of God told me, it is for your sake. It is for that anointing. And that is why every time you follow the instruction that I give you, God will always reward you. Actually, I have sons and daughters in the ministry right now who are with me, and God gave them a big breakthrough in their finances. Just by stepping with me in the place where the wisemen came from; in the place where they purchased what was needed to support the biggest mission of God; the manifestation of his son. 

When I think about you, I realize that God has called you to support the biggest mission on the earth; setting the captives free, one soul at a time. And that is why I want you to get yourself ready for the biggest financial breakthrough ever in your life. I want you to get yourself ready, because this is your set time. Yes, this is your set time for God to favour you. We have about 4 more days to go, and the next 4 days is going to be very crucial. Please make sure you don’t miss any of the messages or videos that I post. Because especially tomorrow morning, we will be travelling to cross the border from Jordan to Israel. This is so crucial. 

You see, the children of Israel, their promise was on the other side. And I feel in my spirit that God is about to give you the desires of your heart. So, I want you to send me 12 key things that you want God to do in your life, 12 promises, 12 desires that you have. I must cross with them. I have to cross with them. The Spirit of God revealed to me that when I cross with them to Israel, it shall come to pass. 

So right now, you have about 7 hours to send me these 12 things that you desire. Because there were 12 tribes of Israel about to receive 12 pieces of land. So, wherever you are, I want you to do it quick and fast. My team is working tirelessly to make sure we have these prayer requests printed out. When we get to the border of Jordan, I am going to raise up your prayer request before God. And as I cross over, so shall you. As I cross over  may you cross over to your healing, may you cross over to your favour, may you cross over to your relationship. May your children, may your family, may your business cross over to profitability. As we cross over, just like the children of Israel, your favour, your breakthrough will manifest. 

This is what I want you to do. When the children of Israel arrived at the border, they built up an altar. The Bible tells us that Joshua raised up an altar. I feel in my spirit that right now you need to raise up an altar of CROSSING OVER according to the book of Psalms 37:4. You can even do a double portion. I feel so strong in my spirit that as you do it, so shall it be. Am going to take a special video of you when am crossing over, and am going to send it to you. Once I cross over, am going to plant those prayer requests in the Holy Land, and they shall be there forever; they will forever be connected with the land of the promise. Your life will never be the same again. Do it now and do it fast, for we don’t have much more time.

I must go to rest now because I need to rise up tomorrow to prepare for this journey, just like the children of Israel, to the promise land. As I step into the promise land from Jordan, so shall you step into your breakthrough from failure.  As I step into the promise land from Jordan, so shall you step into your prosperity from poverty. As I step into the promise land from Jordan, so shall you step into your success from rejection.




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