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It’s Here …!!! 7 Days of Power! 7 Days of Victory! 7 Days of Breakthrough! Today There Is A Demonic Foundation In Your Life That Is Going To Be Weakened … Click Now To Join Us For Bringing Down The Walls of Jericho!

Today we are starting our Bringing Down The Walls of Jericho Conference. But before I share with you what the Lord has spoken to me, I want you to read the following testimonies from some of our members and partners that have participated in the Jericho Walls Conference. 


“I have always tried to help people out of the goodness of my heart, but after the 3rd day of the fasting I was praying that God would reveal anyone in my life who had been trying to sink my finances. Shortly after, I found out that some of my friends had been using my details and personal information for fraudulent activities! I was in shock, but I thank God for these prayers that exposed them.” (S.M from UK)



“Bishop, at the time I began the fasting I had been having pain in my head every time I wake up in the morning. This had been going on for years. But you told us that we need to chop River Jordan. I began chopping, chopping, chopping. That night I slept like a baby and when I woke up there was no more pain, since that day the pain has not returned. Thank you Jesus!” (Jane K from Lansing, Michigan)


“Man of God, I live far but I made it up in my mind that I will be here every day for the 21 Day Revival. And things have begun to happen. Last year I was deceived into joining a certain business, and it just took over my life. I was coming late for church, I wasn’t praying, I even quit my profession to do this business full time. But all I got was stress and headache. Then yesterday my eyes were opened after you preached about the Hivite spirit, my manager emailed me to say that she refuses for me to quit and I knew that it was God. I have returned to my job and have dumped this business once and for all. Now I have peace again. Thank you for this powerful revelation and Revival.” – S.B from Kent, UK


Dear {First_Name}, 

Remember there is no distance in prayer; so wherever you are, be sure to join us! As you know I’ve visited the city of Jericho many times and last time I was given a special privilege to go and see where the original walls of Jericho were. And I saw the ruins; what was left of the original foundation. 

The Bible tells us that if the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Ps 11:3)

As I was getting ready today for the conference, the Lord was leading me to shake the foundations. There are some foundations in your life that need to crumble. Yes, there are some demonic foundations that have been source of all your problems. There are some demonic foundations that have been the source of all your misery, all your rejection, all your failure in life. 

Today as we get ready for day 1, we are going to begin to understand but also to lay the foundation for the 7 days of Jericho.  Today we will begin to shake the foundation; to deal with some serious foundations where your life is concerned. That’s why right now I need you to quickly submit unto me, 7 things that you feel in your life that the foundation must be shaken. 

Today as we begin to pray with that understanding. Every demonic foundation in your life is going to shake. Every day that the children of Israel were walking around the Jericho walls, the foundations were becoming weaker and weaker. That is why when they shouted on day 7, everything fell flat. As you begin to take this journey with me, great things are about to happen in your life. 

Every wall that has hindered you from succeeding, every wall that has frustrated you, it is about to come down.

 For by You I can run through a troop, and by my God I can leap over a wall. (Ps 18:29)

Now Here’s What I Need You To Do:

1. Using the prayer agreement form below, I need you to send me the list of 7 areas of your life where you need the foundations to be weakened; to be destroyed. 

2. As this is the first day, I need you to raise up an altar to God according to Psalms 18 to say that every demonic foundation, every generational foundation that has blocked you, may Jehovah God weaken it. And as you do that, it’s going to be weakened instantly in Jesus’ name. 

3. As soon as I receive your prayer request with your special offering, I am going to print it off for you ready for tonight’s service. 

4. Remember to join me tonight from 7PM UK Time and daily for the next 7 days! You can watch us live via Youtube, Facebook our on our BCM Ministry App 



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Remember you can give with your card through the phone it’s quicker and safer; the prayer warriors can assist you to write down your prayer request. Or you can ask them to write the prayer of agreement form on your behalf; just call any of the numbers on the Prayer Agreement Form. 

You can also bring it and put it in my hand for the sake of a special anointing. I would love to pray with you personally and release the power of God in your life. If you would like to see me personally please call our office appointment. But if you need a quick prayer then just pop in anytime, we are here to serve you. Every Sunday Morning at 9am – No Appointment needed.

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